Who we are…

We are a video publishing business with an international reach.
We look to connect audiences with innovative and thought-leading organisations. We like to encourage the spread of new ideas through open evidence-based journalism that has integrity at its heart.

Connecting for Growth

What We Believe In…

‘As an organisation we believe in inspiring people. This idea permeates throughout our organisation and in the way we work with our clients.  We believe in challenging established attitudes and sharing knowledge. Knowledge is an invaluable asset for creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in any marketplace’. 

About us

We are an approachable bunch of creative, sales and marketing professionals that combine our expertise to deliver a successful campaign to our clients, that bear the commercial and financial realities of our clients and their marketplace.

Every member of the Parlez team has three things in common. They have a passion for creating engaging content, the desire to build profitable audiences for our clients’ brands and a complete understanding of the markets that we operate in.

Our aim is to make great accessible content that sparks conversations. Our goal is to win the attention and to gain the trust of our clients’ audiences.

Connecting for Growth

"Where aspiration and ambition meets investing".

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