Where aspiration & ambition meets investing

Your business is already successful, with proven products and
many happy customers. You’ve achieved substantial revenues,
and are growing strongly, but you know you could do more.

With additional resources you could grow even faster. Whether you’re expanding
into new markets or developing new products, it takes funding to grow a business.
A substantial injection of growth capital from the right investor would allow you to really accelerate.



An award winning production company making your film to
connect with growth specialists.


The Connecting for Growth event is designed for companies to connect with entrepreneurs, angel investors and mentors.


Every growing business needs capital. Whether that’s human capital, new opportunities or investment.

The Connecting for Growth campaign will bring together high growth business entrepreneurs, angel investors and private equity. The campaign will consist of a national marketing campaign hosted and distributed by The Telegraph as well as the Summit held in Central London.

There are many different types of investors out there, many different investing styles and a multitude of funds. How do you know which one is right for you? Whether you are looking for an international investor to support your International Market entry, a strategic investor to bring industry credentials, a fund with extensive experience in your sector, or a partner with the right personal chemistry to complement and support you – Connecting for Growth has been specifically designed to take your business to the next level. 

Full pre-production process with our experienced team

8 hours + on location with an award winning production company.


Full production cycle with our Directors, Producers, Script Writers and Editors-while you retain editorial control

‘Full copyright license in perpetuity – you can use the final film in your outbound marcoms campaigns and communications.’ 

The Event

Connecting for Growth host the only event specifically designed for growth companies to connect with growth capital investors to identify the best routes and partners for success.

Leveraging Knowledge

Leveraging knowledge of established entrepreneurs, angel investors and private equity firms the Summit
in Central London is a perfect opportunity to
network for growth.

Connect in person

There will be two days of in-depth presentations interactive panel discussions and break-out sessions, with unparalleled access to venture capital, growth and private equity investors.

Connect for Growth

The Summit will give you a deep dive into
exponential growth. Your business will connect
with experts and professionals that can help you
in this journey.

Connecting for Growth

"Where aspiration and ambition meets investing".

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